Boo! Look out behind you! No, the other "behind you!" It's creeping up! It reeks of death! It's out for blood! It can't be stopped! No, it's not your mother-in-law, it's Halloween! With each year, comes the annual tradition of dressing up everyone's favorite mercenaries in the dreadful attire of the witching hour. But where do they all come from? Why, the creative minds of the undead denizens of the Steam Workshop, of course! For free! Pro bono! Are you scared yet? Then come one, come all, to the Workshop of Horrors!
Much like the titular shapeshifter in John Carpenter's The Thing, you can be anything you want on Halloween! For example: grab a few things from around the house and you can go as a huge mess that your mother will demand you pick up! Or, wrap yourself in bandages, suffocate, and go as an actual mummy! But, if jury-rigged fashion disaster aren't your thing, then worry not, dear reader! There's always the highly professional fashion disasters readily availble in this year's frightening catalog! Take a look below... if you dare!
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, the water caught fire and ran red with blood! And this time, it's not your roommate's fault! In these dastardly battlegrounds, the mapping community has run amok and made sure to leave no haunted stone unturned. Fight for your fright as pumpkin bombs, ghosts, and gimmicks galore litter these nightmarish landscapes - perfect for a little trespasser's Halloween party! Sorry Carol, your parents said you couldn't go.
The year is 19XX. Tom Jones has been dead for years, but the cursed souls of the damned have brought him back. And this time - it is Unusual. Many contributors have left their sacrifices to appease the Great Jones the Undying in an attempt to keep him in an eternal slumber, so that we may know peace from his torment once more. Another option is to buy Tom Jones' albums, but where's the fun in that?
Still hankerin' for a hauntin'? Take a look through our backlog to catch a glimpse of some the howling highlights of yesteryear! Killer clowns, terrifying teddy bears, and even a dusty pile of four dozen cursed artifacts that we just can't seem to get rid of! Sure they're old, but aren't old things usually the scariest? All this and more, just a jump to the left!